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          Matrix switcher choice and FAQs

             1. Species selection, radio and television, and video conferencing applications, should be used in broadcast products, monitoring applications may be monitoring products, VGA signal (some people as video) to VGA signal matrix.

              Size selection: In one project, the audio and video signals and VGA signals should be seen as three different media. More enter the number in the general case of the audio signal, such as microphones and CD as well as drive the audio, but taking into account the power amplifier and sound in general only set up prior to the power amplifier plus a mixer to mix, may take a few signals, audio output matrix will not be great, for example, can be 32 × 8 or 64 × 8, but do not need to select the 32 × 32 or 64 × 64, unless it is the transmission of radio and television and video conferencing, video must have audio synchronous transfer. In the design of the program, the number of signal sources is relatively easy to determine, look at the number of signal sources, the number of input matrix settle down, but independent of the number of output channels to consider, which is based on the mode of operation of the system may be may sometimes several display devices only a distribution relationship (always consistent with each other and not independent) then you can consider the occupation of an output port coupled with distributor, these devices may be independent, each on a separate the output port.

              In many cases, the number of input and output, if a large matrix, the cost will be higher (Matrix is greater the more difficult for the higher cost) can consider the possibility of grouping use monitoring, for example, allows the display wall Some display apparatus display only a certain area of the signal, while each of the other devices other specific signal in the area, then large matrix fold can be divided into small-scale matrix (as will be divided into 4 sets of 32 × 16 to 128 × 64% off ) If the districts may need to transfer the signal.
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