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          Matrix switcher from buttons to touch screen control is the inevitable trend of

          I recently saw in China projector online article entitled: "definition digital era, the matrix switcher trends analysis, this paper is mainly from the traditional matrix functions and modules, the development of the matrix can be roughly divided into two categories : vertical scaling and horizontal carry. Both extensions are to be achieved by changing the structure of the matrix product expansion of the scale of the matrix ones and make a fuss from the matrix of multiple signal format and multi-function expansion.

          And there was no substantive change through the matrix, have an impact on the use of user. Continue to innovate and go beyond the social customer demand for the product has far exceeded the use of the features of the product itself.

          As the popular Apple multi-touch touch screen phone IPhone4 and the distinction between traditional key phone, IPhone4 and key machine distinction is not a single product performance changes but the mobile phone market is an important change. This revolution to overturn the human history of electronic products.

          The same as far as I understand, often used as industrial market control switch matrix products, but also from an editor about the longitudinal extension and lateral expansion of the two major trends, developments have revolutionized. This subvert some dramatic like to emulate the subversion of the flat-panel touch screen mobile phone market will completely change the key matrix products customers purchase and use habits.

          Obviously, this product must with touch capabilities. In addition to her traditional matrix compared what functions? I learned that the Qing cast of Things big screen manufacturers launched a new generation of. "IMatrix touch matrix", not only has a full-color touch screen, the sky operation is extremely simple, easy to understand, the touch screen on each input and output channels one-to-one correspondence with the interface, the realization of every action need only touch operation (one unlocked), realize WYSIWYG. And software for display on computer control terminal usage habits in order to allow the operation of the people to keep and do exactly the same touch screen interface, do not need to do use habits change.

          In addition iMatrix Touch matrix using DVI matrix technology, to support 4.2G high-bandwidth digital transmission. Easily support 1080P. Video transmission is no longer water ripples, color cast, clutter.

          As a new generation of matrix products, the Qing cast iMarix also has more features, but also as an epoch-making matrix alternative, she is more worthy of the video industry friends.
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